Our Approach

At NairaMan Water Consult, we value the investments of our clients. All we want to do is help you establish a successful Water Production Factory that yields good annual profit from its first year and beyond. We are happy if our clients are happy, hence we strive to deliver our best so that it’s a win-win for both our client, his customers, and we. Our utmost desire is to help setup profitable NAFDAC standard water factory all over Nigeria that delivers pure potable drinking water to Nigerians..

Our Story

NairaMan Water Consult is a consulting service arm of Projectova Nigeria Limited (RC 1432625). We have helped many Nigerian entrepreneurs with their startup needs and requirement analysis, and most recently, with setup & NAFDAC approval services.

With NairaMan Water Consult, running your own Water Factory is as Easy as ABC. Entrust your project to us today and get the best in consulting, setup, management, and administration of your own profitable water packaging business.

Next Steps…

You can rely on us to get you started with the right information on the setup requirements, financial requirements, and profitability analysis for your own water packaging factory.